CastoTIG® 1611 DC Advance

Exceptionally compact and lightweight TIG and E-hand

CastoTIG® 1611 DC Advance welding machines

The CastoTIG 1611 DC welding rectifier is a further development of the proven Castolin inverter. The microprocessor-controlled compact device is especially suitable for TIG welding in the DC range, but is also ideal for manual electrode welding.


  • Advantages for assembly, repair and construction site use: minimal size, low weight, low energy consumption and generator suitability.
  • Simple operation thanks to menu navigation and clear operating elements. Clearly visible digital display for current setting and status.
  • The electronic high-frequency ignition ensures perfect non-contact ignition in all applications.
  • Lift-Arc ignition without high frequency for welding in sensitive areas with sensitive electronics, e.g. in control systems.
  • Integrated pulse function and control for improved weld pool control, especially in the thin sheet area, as standard. All parameters for professional TIG welding directly accessible. 2- and 4-cycle mode.
  • Auto-pulse for simplified adjustment during pulse welding. Just set the current, all pulse parameters follow automatically.
  • Improved spot function for perfect tacking.
  • Now also remote controllable. Up/down function from the torch with all up/down torches using the adapter set

Scope of delivery

incl. transport case + earth cable 3m, 16mm², + gas hose

Additional minimum system requirements:
TIG torch + pressure reducer


Code 757963
Category TIG welding equipment
Price excl. VAT €1,382
Price incl. VAT 23% €1,699.86
Availability within 7 to 10 days


Welding current range 5 - 160 A
Welding current (TIG) 25% ED - 160 A | 100% ED - 100 A
Device dimensions L x W x H 360 x 120 x 215mm
Mains voltage 1 x 230 V | 50/60 Hz
Open circuit voltage E-hand: 54 V | TIG: 10V
Mains fuse (slow-blow) 16 A
Connected load at 100% ED TIG 2.5 kVA
Protection class IP23S
Markings CE, S
Weight incl. mains cable 6.6 kg


Material Safety data Sheets

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