EnDoTec SAFE-HARD 600 wire electrode

Chrome- and nickel-free seamless cored wire electrode


Chrome- and nickel-free seamless cored wire electrode
Seamless, gas-protected cored wire with metal powder filling, ideal for series production as well as maintenance and repair applications where maximum precision, efficiency and productivity of the application are required.
Medium alloy steel, free of chromium and nickel, with very fine carbides in a fine-grained matrix; ideal for wear protection coatings for combined abrasion and impact wear. Retains its mechanical properties up to 600°C.

Technical data
Hardness after welding: ~600 HB

Specially designed for protective coatings against wear caused by impact, adhesion (friction of metal to metal) and abrasion in industries such as:
Mining and quarrying
Drill heads, crusher plates, crusher drums, conveyors and buckets of dragline excavators.

Construction industry
Gravel pumps, rails, hammer crushers, ripper teeth of excavation buckets, vehicle chains, soil compactors.

Municipal and industrial waste disposal
Grids and frames of drum screens, crushers and hydraulic compactors.

Processing instructions
Welding equipment
The seamless EnDOtec electrodes can be processed with most common welding power sources with a constant voltage characteristic. Optimum results can be achieved with programmable,
models that can be set for pulsed arc welding and the CMT process. Castolin Eutectic recommends the use of wire feed units with a smooth-running 4-roller drive system for Ø 1.2mm and Ø 1.6mm, as well as a wire core made of plastic or Teflon.

Completely remove existing welds and worn metal with Chamfer Trode 03/04.

Preheating depends on the carbon equivalent of the steel and the size of the workpiece, its thickness and geometry. Castolin Eutectic recommends:
CE < 0.2: Preheating not required
CE 0.2 - 0.4: Preheating at 100-200°C
CE 0.4 - 0.8: Preheating at 200-350°C.
It should be noted that 12-14% Mn steels must never be preheated and the temperature of the workpiece must be kept below 250°C during welding.

Intermediate layer
For 12-14 % Mn steels, apply an intermediate layer with EnDOtec DO*05, EnDOtec DO*02 or the manual welding electrode EutecTrode 6450.

Welding positions: PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF, PG according to ISO 6947
Type of current: = (+)
Shielding gas: EN ISO 14175: M21 -Ferroline C18 (82% Ar, 18% CO2 )

Welding technology
In order to achieve an optimum joint, the torch must be guided at an angle of 70-80° for multi-layered applications. The productivity of semi-automatic welding work can be significantly increased by using impulse welding technology.

The weld metal can be machined by grinding. Equipment for arc or plasma cutting can also be used.


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