Castolin 2101 Super stick electrode

for aluminum and aluminum alloys

Castolin 2101 Super stick electrode

The flux-coated stick electrode produces a Si-alloyed Al-based weld metal. Easy ignition. Slag cannot be welded over. Smooth and finely flaked weld seams.

Technical data
EN ISO 18273: E - Al 4047 (AlSi 12)
Material no.: 3.2585

For joining and build-up welding of aluminum, AlSi alloys and AlSi cast materials
up to 12 % Si and for repairs.
Typical applications are
Housings for machines, pumps, compressors, gearboxes and engine blocks, oil pans, oil coolers, protective covers, pistons, mold boxes, pulleys and handwheels.

Processing instructions
Remove cracked and other damaged material as well as existing casting skin. Clean welding areas. During welding, adjust the heat input to the component, its material and dimensions, preheat solid workpieces to 150 - 200 °C.
The electrode can also be gas-welded if necessary.
Remove all corrosion-promoting slag after welding. For better slag removal
chemical post-treatment in a 10 - 20 % caustic soda solution (50 - 80 °C / 1 - 2 min.) is recommended. For rinsing, use 20 - 30 % nitric acid and then water.
Welding positions: PA, PB
Type of current: = (+)


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