CastoWig 45803 W Aluminum TIG rods

Rod for aluminum and aluminum alloys

CastoWig 45803 W

Very good corrosion resistance to seawater and weathering. Can be machined. Can be polished to a high gloss. Thin layers up to 10 μm can be anodized (decorative), thicker layers are grey to black due to the Si content.

Technical data
EN ISO 18273: S Al 4043 (AlSi5)
Material no.: 3.2245
AWS A5.10: ER4043

Density [g/cm³]: 2.66
Melting range [°C]: 615 - 642

For joining and build-up welding of pure aluminum and aluminum alloys, such as
AlSi and AlSiMg alloys as well as wrought Al alloys, Al cast materials and Al materials
with max. 2 % alloy components.
Typical application examples are
Pipelines, profile constructions, frames, railings, racks, containers, body parts, cladding
in vehicle construction, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, construction and the food industry.

Processing instructions
Clean welding areas. During welding, adjust the heat input to the component, its material and dimensions, preheat solid workpieces to 150 - 250 °C. Ensure a continuous supply of filler material. Form sufficiently for root welds.

Welding positions: all, except PG (f)
Type of current: ~
Shielding gas: EN ISO 14175 I1 (100 % Ar) l3 (max. 95 % He - rest Ar)


Code 331108
Category Aluminum
Number in package 5.0 kg
Price per unit €66.1 / kg
Price excl. VAT €330.50
Price incl. VAT 23% €406.52
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