GreenFlux 1602 brazing flux

Flux without CMR substances

GreenFlux 1602
Flux without CMR substances

GreenFlux 1602 is a flux consisting of a mixture of complex potassium salts, borates and fluoroborates, without boric acid and SVHC substances. It is suitable for capillary solder joints with high silver content alloys, copper-phos and copper-phos-silver alloys.

GreenFlux 1602 is used for ternary and quaternary alloys including CuP/CuPAg alloys.


Code 770354
Category Flux
Number in package 0.25 kg
Price per unit €341.64 / kg
Price excl. VAT €85.41
Price incl. VAT 23% €105.05
Availability within 7 to 10 days


EN ISO 18496 FH10A
Product color White
Effective temperature range 550 - 750 °C
pH 11
EN 1045 FH10


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