PowerMax 4.0 manual electric welding machine

Engineered for smart welding operations, ensuring the highest quality outcomes

POWERmax 4.0

Small size and easy handling combined with maximum robustness and reliability

  • Robust and mobile
  • perfect welding properties
  • highly energy efficient
  • designed for mobile applications

POWERmax 4.0 with the new resonance principle makes welding easier: The fast-reacting characteristic curve control improves the welding result, even with demanding electrodes. You will no longer want to miss TIG touch ignition and hot start when using electrodes in everyday practice.
The new POWERmax generation combines even more convenience: low weight and small size for improved performance on the construction site.

Welding with technology at the highest level

  • The digital resonance inverter ensures a highly stable arc and reduced spatter formation.
  • The PFC technology (Power Factor Correction) enables energy savings, possible mains supply cables up to approx. 100 m and a more flexible input voltage range.
  • The optimized electrode ignition ensures selective ignition and greatly reduced sticking of the electrode.

Scope of delivery

incl. electrode cable, 4m, 16mm² + earth cable, 3m, 16mm²

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Code 763395
Category Manual electric welders
Price excl. VAT €1,064
Price incl. VAT 23% €1,308.72
Availability within 7 to 10 days


Mains voltage 1 x 230 V (50/60 Hz)
Max. Effective primary current 15 A
Max. Primary current 23 A
Max. Apparent power 5.52 kVA
Welding current range E-hand 10 - 150 A
Welding current range TIG 10 - 150 A
Welding current range at 10 min/40 °C 35% 150 A
Open circuit voltage 96 V
Working voltage TIG 10,4 - 16 V
Protection class IP23
Safety labeling S, CE
Device dimensions LxWxH 365 x 135 x 275 mm
Weight 6.3 kg
Working voltage E-hand 20,4 - 26 V
Material Safety data Sheets

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