CastoWig 45507 WS TIG welding rod Ø 1.6mm / 5.0kg

for difficult-to-weld steels

CastoWig 45507 WS

Ferritic-austenitic weld metal with a scale resistance of up to 1,150 °C.
Resistant to corrosion, cavitation and impact stress.

Technical data
EN ISO 14343-A: W 29 9
AWS A5.9: ER312
Material no.: 1.4337

For welding surfacings, joints and buffer layers on hardenable and difficult-to-weld steels such as manganese hard steel, CrNiMn steels and unalloyed/low-alloy structural steels
higher strength and for mixed joints between dissimilar materials.

Processing instructions
Remove cracked and otherwise damaged material. Clean welding areas. Adjust the heat input during welding to the component, its material and dimensions.
Limit the interpass temperature to 250 °C for large weld cross-sections. Weld austenitic manganese steels as cold as possible (below 250 °C) without preheating. Ensure a continuous supply of filler metal. Form sufficiently for root welds.

Welding positions: all, except PG (f)
Type of current: = (-)
Shielding gas: EN ISO 14175 - I1 (100 % Ar)


Code 331207
Category Highly alloyed
Number in package 5.0 kg
Price per unit 139,334 £ / kg
Price excl. VAT 696,67 £
Price incl. VAT 20% 836,00 £
Availability within 5 to 10 days
Material Safety data Sheets

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