Occupational health and safety

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential when it comes to welding and soldering. We offer a wide range of PPE products to ensure your safety during these tasks. Our PPE products include safety goggles, welding helmets, gloves and other protective equipment. They not only provide reliable protection, but also comfort and durability to ensure you can carry out your work safely and comfortably.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of welders and brazers, protecting them from the potential hazards associated with these processes. Welding and brazing involve high heat, bright lights and the release of fumes and sparks, so specialized PPE that provides reliable protection is essential.

Perhaps the most important piece of protective equipment for welding and brazing is the welding helmet. These helmets have a robust shell that provides protection from radiant heat, sparks and flying debris. The tinted lenses protect the eyes from intense glare and harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation generated during welding and brazing processes.

In addition to helmets, PPE for welding and soldering also includes safety goggles that protect the eyes from particles in the air, intense light and possible impacts. Safety goggles with side shields or safety glasses provide an additional layer of protection that comprehensively protects the sensitive eye area. These goggles may have special coatings to reduce glare, improve clarity and prevent scratches.

To protect the face and neck from sparks, heat and radiation, welders and solderers rely on flame-resistant protective clothing. Flame-retardant jackets, aprons and sleeves made from durable materials such as leather or flame-retardant fabrics provide a barrier against molten metal splashes, sparks and radiant heat. These garments provide an important layer of protection that reduces the risk of burns and injuries during welding and soldering work.

Hand protection is of the utmost importance in welding and soldering environments. Welding gloves, usually made of heat-resistant leather or other flame-retardant materials, provide dexterity, grip and thermal insulation. These gloves protect hands from direct contact with hot metal, sparks and molten materials, allowing welders to work safely and reducing the risk of burns or injury.

Respiratory protection is another important aspect of PPE for welding and brazing. The fumes and gases produced during these processes can be dangerous if inhaled. Respiratory protective devices, such as respirators or welding masks, filter out harmful particles, fumes and gases and ensure that welders and solderers breathe clean air. Respirators with powered air purifiers (PAPR) provide an additional level of comfort and protection by providing the wearer with filtered air for extended periods of time.

Hearing protection is essential in welding and soldering environments where loud noise levels can cause hearing damage. Earmuffs or earplugs designed for high noise attenuation effectively reduce the effects of prolonged exposure to loud welding or soldering operations, protecting workers' hearing health.

The importance of adequate training and maintenance of PPE cannot be overstated. Welders and solderers should receive comprehensive training on the correct use, fit and maintenance of their protective equipment. Regular inspections and replacement of damaged or worn PPE components are crucial to ensure continued protection.

With the comprehensive range of personal protective equipment tailored to welding and brazing, workers can carry out these processes safely and protected from the associated risks. The combination of welding helmet, safety goggles, flame protective clothing, gloves, respiratory protection and hearing protection provides a comprehensive shield against potential hazards, allowing welders and brazers to carry out their tasks with peace of mind.