Combination core for CastoPlus iG/iW burners Ø 1.6mm / 4.8m

for CastoPlus iG/iW burners

Combination core

Combination core, for CastoPlus iG/iW burners.
Various versions available

Combi-core for a torch is a versatile tool that is used in various welding and torch applications. It consists of a special nozzle and a holder and enables various tasks to be carried out with a single tool. Here are the most important functions and areas of application of a combination nozzle for a torch:

Fuel gas nozzle: The combi core has an integrated fuel gas nozzle, which is responsible for supplying the fuel gas to the burner. The nozzle regulates the gas flow and enables precise metering of the fuel gas. Depending on the application and desired flame size, the nozzle can be replaced or adjusted.

Cutting nozzle: A combi core can also contain a cutting nozzle, which is used for flame cutting metals. The cutting nozzle produces a concentrated and precise flame cut by mixing the fuel and oxygen flow together and directing it onto the workpiece in a narrow jet.

Heat nozzle: A heat nozzle is also located in some burner combi elements. This nozzle produces a wide, soft flame with a high heat output that can be used for applications such as preheating workpieces or heating materials.

Interchangeable nozzle heads: A combi core can be supplied with interchangeable nozzle heads that can be changed according to requirements. This enables flexible adaptation to different welding and burning tasks without having to change the entire torch.

Versatility: By combining several functions in a single tool, the combi core offers high versatility and efficiency. It eliminates the need to use several separate tools for different tasks, saving time and effort.


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