Tensioning nipples used for all materials and cores

Different versions

Clamping nipple

Used for all materials and cores
Tool-free assembly of the core

  1. Clamping piece is placed on the core
  2. Screw in place by turning to the right
  3. Slide the clamping piece incl. core into the central connection
  4. Fix in the central connection with a 90° turn
    (the correct fixing position is marked)

In the context of welding and coating, the term "conduit connector" refers to a connector or device used to connect and protect electrical wires or cables in welding and coating applications. These connectors are designed to provide a safe and reliable electrical connection while ensuring the safety and integrity of the cable system.

In welding applications, electrical cables are used to supply power to welding equipment such as welding machines, torches or electrodes. These cables must be protected and routed correctly to ensure efficient and safe welding operations. Conduit connectors in welding applications are typically designed to meet the specific requirements of welding cables, which may include high amperage and heat resistance.

Conduit connectors in coating applications serve a similar purpose by providing a safe and organized way to connect and protect electrical cables used in coating equipment. Coating processes often utilize electrostatic guns, spray systems or other equipment that require electrical power. Cable conduit glands help to route and secure the electrical cables, prevent damage and ensure a reliable power supply during the coating process.

The type of cable gland used in welding and coating applications depends on factors such as the size and type of cables, the environment and safety regulations. Common types of conduit fittings include screw fittings, compression fittings or compression connectors.

It is important to choose conduit fittings that meet the specific requirements and standards for welding and coating applications. These fittings should be properly installed to ensure safe connections and protection from electrical hazards. Compliance with relevant safety guidelines and industry regulations is critical to the integrity and efficiency of welding and coating processes.

Overall, conduit connectors play an important role in welding and coating applications as they enable safe and orderly connection and protection of electrical cables. They help to ensure the safety, efficiency and reliability of the electrical systems used in these processes.


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