Castolin CP 33033 Stick electrode

for corrosion-resistant coatings

Castolin CP 33033

Rutile-based coated stick electrode. High-alloy, austenitic weld metal based on CrNiMnCu.
Scale-resistant up to 900 °C, corrosion-resistant, not susceptible to hot cracking and work-hardening.

Technical data
EN ISO 3581-A: EZ 21 8 Cu R 12
DIN EN 14700: E Fe11
Material no.: ~ 1.4370

For welding tough and expansion-compensating buffer layers before hard surfacing, as well as for hardfacing on workpieces made of manganese hard steel (1.3401 - X 120 Mn 12) and mixed joints.
Also for joint and build-up welding on steels, e.g: Steels with increased sulphur content, steels with a high C content, cast steel, high-strength, alloyed and unalloyed heat-treatable and tool steels, heat-resistant and cold-tough steels, CrNi and manganese hard steels as well as martensitic and ferritic Cr steels.

Processing instructions
Remove cracked or damaged material. Clean welding areas. Re-dry at 350 °C / 2 h. Adjust the heat input during welding to the component, its workpiece and dimensions. Keep the interpass temperature as low as possible. Weld austenitic manganese steels as cold as possible (below 250 °C) without preheating.
Welding positions: all, except PG (f)
Type of current: = (+) or ~

DB (30.024.06), CE


Code 100504
Category Highly alloyed
Number in package 5.0 kg
Price per unit 48,644 £ / kg
Price excl. VAT 243,22 £
Price incl. VAT 20% 291,86 £
Availability within 5 to 10 days
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