CastoWig 45704 W TIG welding rod Ø 3.0mm / 5.0kg

for copper materials

CastoWig 45704 W

High electrical conductivity. Compared to pure copper, the weld metal has a higher high-temperature strength,
creep rupture strength and softening temperature. High work hardening capacity.

Technical data
EN ISO 24373: S Cu 1897 (CuAg1)
Material no.: 2.1211

For alloy-like joint welding of low-oxygen copper as well as wrought copper alloys and cast materials, e.g:
2.0040 - OF-Cu,
2.0070 - SE-Cu,
2.0076 - SW-Cu,
2.0090 - SF-Cu
and for build-up welding on copper alloys and unalloyed ferrous materials.
Welding of oxygen-containing copper grades with an O2 content of more than 0.02 % is not recommended.
Typical applications are
Components in the chemical, paper, food and textile industries as well as shipbuilding; also conductor rails, electrical contacts, pipelines, containers, flanges and fittings.

Processing instructions
Remove cracked and otherwise damaged material. Clean welding areas. Heat guidance
during welding, adjust to the component, its material and dimensions, preheat solid workpieces up to 600 °C. Ensure a continuous supply of filler material. Form sufficiently for root welds.

Welding positions: all, except PG (f)
Type of current: = (-)
Shielding gas: EN ISO14175 I1 (100 % Ar) or R 1 Inoxline H 2 (2% H2 -residual Ar)


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Number in package 5.0 kg
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