EutecTrode 35278 rod electrodes

for unalloyed steels

EutecTrode 35278

The weld metal of this thick rutile-based coated stick electrode is made of unalloyed steel. Good suitability for contact welding. Good gap bridging and root weldability. Excellent suitability for constrained positions. Easily removable slag. Permissible operating temperatures from 0 °C to 350 °C.

Technical data
DIN EN ISO 2560 A: E 38 2 RB 12
AWS A5.1: E6013

For joint welding of unalloyed and low-alloy steels, e.g:
EN 10025-2: S 235 J2 - S 355 K2
EN 10025-3: S 275 N - S 355 N
EN 10028-2: P 235 GH - P 355 GH
and corresponding cast and pipe materials.
Typical application examples are
Components from steel, machine, vehicle, pipeline, apparatus and container construction. Tack welds,
thin sheet welding and assembly on construction sites.

Processing instructions
Clean welding areas. When welding, adjust the heat input to the component, its material and dimensions.
Welding positions: all, except PG (f)
Type of current: = (-) or ~
Open circuit voltage: > 50 V



Code 764213
Category Unalloyed and low-alloyed
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