Castolin XHD 2230 stick electrode

Electrode for ductile cast iron

Castolin XHD 2230

Basic graphite-coated stick electrode for non-alloy cast iron cold welding. High-strength weld metal based on NiFe. Not susceptible to cracking. High current carrying capacity. Easily removable slag. Stable arc.

Technical data
DIN EN ISO 1071: E C NiFe-1 3
AWS A5.15: ENiFe-Cl

For non-alloy surfacing and joint welding of cast iron materials such as ductile cast iron, malleable cast iron and lamellar gray cast iron, as well as for joining cast iron with steel or cast steel and for production welding of castings. Very suitable for joint welding of ductile cast iron pipes in accordance with DVS 1502.
Typical application examples are the welding of nozzles, outlets and wall flanges in accordance with DVS data sheet 1502 T1 and T2 (edition 11/95) on ductile iron pipes to cast iron and steel in accordance with DIN EN 545 or DIN EN 969 for public gas and water supply pipelines.
Also for welding mechanically highly stressed workpieces such as machine bases, pump housings and deep-drawing tools.

Processing instructions
Remove cracked and otherwise damaged material as well as the casting skin. Clean welding areas. Re-dry at 120 °C - 1 h. If possible and conditions permit, preheat the component to 150 °C up to a maximum of 300 °C. Generally weld with short beads as cold as possible (≤ 300 °C). Weld shrinkage-restricted workpieces with short beads (1 - 3 cm long). Immediately after welding, hammer off the weld beads when red hot.
Welding positions: all, except PG (f)
Type of current: = (+) or ~



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