Castolin XHD 6804 Basic coated stick electrode

for heat-resistant coatings

Castolin XHD 6804

Basic coated stick electrode with 130 % yield. Stainless weld metal on FeCrCoMo
basis. Not susceptible to cracking. High resistance to sliding wear due to metallic counter body.
High resistance to hot wear and deformation as well as tempering resistance up to 650 °C. Scale resistant up to 900 °C. Resistant to thermal shock and thermal shock. Work hardening. Machinable with boron nitride or diamond-tipped tools.

Technical data
DIN EN 14700: E Z Fe7

For build-up welding of unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy steels and the corresponding types of cast steel as well as for single-layer hardfacing of cast iron (same design as non-alloy welding without preheating).
welding without preheating).

Typical application examples are
Hot drawing rings, tools for hot pressing sheet metal parts, forging tools such as stretching rollers and bending jaws, guide parts for glass fiber production such as spindles and pins, seal running surfaces on shafts, gate valve wedges, valve cones and seat rings in shut-off and control valves.

Processing instructions
Remove cracked or damaged material. Clean welding areas. When welding, adjust the heat input to the component, its material and dimensions.

Welding positions: all, except PG (f)
Current type: = (+)


Code 100252
Category Wear resistant
Number in package 2.5 kg
Price per unit 355,828 £ / kg
Price excl. VAT 889,57 £
Price incl. VAT 20% 1.067,48 £
Availability within 5 to 10 days
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