MeCaWear A5 polymer coatings

Wear protection coating compound with Kevlar®

MeCaWear A5

MeCaWear© A5 is a KEVLAR®-reinforced polymer compound for surface coating. The two-component coating system with a very high proportion of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide ensures excellent wear protection after curing. MeCaWear© A5 consists of 4 components:
- A high-performance polymer
- SiC powder
- Al2O3 powder
- Kevlar® fibers
MeCaWear© A5 was developed with a wide range of processing options in mind: Neither special tools nor elevated temperatures are required for processing. Another advantage is that MeCaWear© A5 can be used both for new parts and for restoring worn parts.
parts. MeCaWear© A5 can also be used to cast parts that can be bonded with MecaFix© 100 or MecaFix© 120 and their surfaces can also be glued.


  • Economical and easy-to-apply wear protection in trowel quality
  • Resistant to deflection for high film build-up
  • Excellent for odd shapes or for the production of wear pads


  • Repair and replacement of ceramic tiles
  • Pipe elbows, manholes
  • Pipes and valves for ash conveying
  • Coal mills and extraction systems
  • Sludge pumps/screw conveyors

Operating temperature
Wet operation: 50 °C
Dry operation: 90 °C


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