Special alloy

Welding materials that have to withstand heavy loads requires special tools and techniques. Our wear-resistant stick electrodes are specially developed to meet these challenges. With their unique alloy composition, they offer outstanding wear resistance and remarkable weldability. They enable you to produce weld seams that can withstand even extreme loads and have high abrasion resistance.

Precision and careful planning play an important role in the welding process itself. Correct adjustment of the welding parameters, thorough preparation of the weld seam and the use of high-quality stick electrodes are crucial for high-quality and durable welded joints. With our wear-resistant stick electrodes, you can efficiently produce weld seams that meet the highest demands.

Choosing the right wear-resistant stick electrodes is crucial to achieving optimum results. Various factors such as the material to be welded, the environment in which it will be used and the desired mechanical properties of the welded joints must be taken into account. Castolin Eutectic's experienced team is on hand to advise you on the selection of the optimum stick electrodes for your specific requirements.

Castolin Eutectic is proud to offer you high quality wear resistant stick electrodes that meet stringent quality standards. Castolin Eutectic products are carefully tested to ensure their wear resistance and reliability.